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Women's Health

Health Screenings

Could You Have a Brain Tumor? Signs and Symptoms

If you have a splitting headache that won't go away, you may start to wonder if you have a brain tumor. What are the signs and symptoms?...(more)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Debilitating Exhaustion

Chronic fatigue syndrome can make the simplest of activities very difficult. ...(more)

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

You're tired. You're sore. You can't stand to be touched. Could you have fibromyalgia? ...(more)

Most Common Unnecessary Medical Tests, Procedures and Treatments

You go to the doctor, you get tested, you get treated. But is it necessary? ...(more)

Reproductive Health

Recurring Yeast Infections

There it is again, that creepy-crawly feeling in a place you cannot scratch. ...(more)

Follow the Fertility Diet To Help You Conceive

Can your diet help or hinder your chances of conception? The answer is yes! ...(more)

11 Things You Should Know About Having a Hysterectomy

Your doctor said you may need a hysterectomy. Now what? ...(more)

Puberty and Adolescent Health

Teens: Pros and Cons of Hair Removal Techniques

As a young girl you looked forward to growing breasts and maybe even to getting your period, but you probably weren't counting on all that body hair. ...(more)

Common Emotional Changes Girls Experience During Puberty

Puberty is a very emotional time. The body changes physically, new hormones affect the brain, social groups begin to shift and everyone is suddenly talking about sex. Here are some emotional changes to expect as your daughter begins puberty....(more)

Common Questions About Getting Your First Period

Getting your period can be a scary experience, but it is a normal and healthy part of becoming a woman. Before your period starts, you may begin to see and feel some other changes in your body. This might include acne from your change in hormones, and your breasts may begin to develop. You may have discharge from your vagina, and you may start growing hair under your armpits and in other private parts. Below are some answers to additional questions you may have about your menstrual cycle and getting your first period....(more)

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Wendy Morley became interested in healthy eating when her teenaged friends were still eating sugary cereals for breakfast and French fries for lunch. An active young woman, she biked and walked where she needed to go but didn't discover her real passion for health and fitness until her mid-20s. She... Read More

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